Adoption of TSDSI/ International Telecom Standards

In TEC, the adoption of the TSDSI or the International Standards is aimed to promote coherence with the International Standards. As it will help in the creation of equivalent national standards as those of international with public consultation. The formulation of the guidelines were taken under a committee.

It has been decided that any standard adopted by TEC will be regarded as a National Standard only; as TEC/DoT are regarded as in India as deemed National standards/ specification.

TEC shall implement the Standard Adoption Process with the help of a highly cross-functional institutional framework which may consist of Telecom Standards Advisory Committee (TSAC), Consultative Committee(s) (CC) and Task Force(s) setup under a division at TEC, preferably the Standardization Division. The process of adoption is followed in a defined way. The standard proposed is duly approved by General body/governing body of TSDSI/SDO concerned and whether the national requirements, which may include the aspects like national security, human health and safety environment protection or fundamental climatic, geographic and technological reasons, have been represented/ take care of during standardization/transposition.

The proposal, then is to be forwarded to the Apex Level Committee which is TSAC for examination whether the standard can be adopted as national standard by taking some points in consideration. The approved proposal will then be regarded as a TEC standard for circulation and will open-up a portal online thorough various means for inviting public comments. Further, the intimidation of whether the proposal is approved for adoption or not will be notified accordingly. And in case of any discrepancies in comments, there will be a particular procedure for the same.


The whole adoption process can be seen at point 6  of the Adoption Guide.


The brief process of Adoption of TSDSI/International Telecom Standards can be seen:



The committee at TEC formulated an Adoption Guide for TSDSI/ International Telecom Standards which can be referred here(LINK TO THE WORD “here”).

  • Whether adoption is important from the point of view of framing technical regulation/ essential requirements.
  • Whether national interests have been represented or not
  • Whether demand/requirement for such TEC standard exists from manufacturers/TSPs/traders/Govt.
  • Whether adoption will be significant/ relevant for economic efficiency or safety of the Indian community.