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Books and Documents Rates


  • Compendium on IPv6 Activities – Price. Rs 700/-
  • Compendium on Rural Communications – Price. Rs 950/-
  • IPv6 Deployment Roadmap – Price. Rs 700/-
  • NGN Compendium – Price. Rs 850/-


Contact for purchase:- ADG (DOC-NR), Ph- 011-23717636



  • GRs /IRs / Standard specification – Price. Rs 800/-
  • Approval Procedure – Price. Rs 400/-
  • If a GRs/IRs/ Standard specification has more than one volume, price of each volume will be Rs. 800/-


The payments are to be made by Bank draft in the name of :-

i. AO (Cash) TEC payable at New Delhi

ii. CAO (Cash) o/o Pr. CCA, Kolkata payable at Kolkata

iii. CAO (Cash) o/o Pr. CCA, Mumbai payable at Mumbai

iv. CAO (Cash) o/o Pr. CCA Bangalore payable at Bangalore