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Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Passive LAN Infrastructure

Tenders are invited by Sr. DDG, Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC), on behalf of President of India, only from Reputed, Experienced and financially sound IT/Networking/System Integrator companies for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Passive LAN Infrastructure at TEC, K.L. Bhawan, Janpath, and New Delhi.(click here for detail) »

Open forum to discuss the CPE Lab Tender Document

A Customer Premises Equipments (CPE) Lab is being setup in Telecom Engineering Centre. A tender was floated recently for this project, and now the tender document is under review (click here) »

Inviting Sealed Quotations for Printing of TEC Newsletters

Sealed quotations are invited by TEC for printing of TEC Newsletters on quarterly basis for one year (click here) »

Open forum to discuss the security test lab tender document

“It is proposed to discuss the tender document of Security Test Labs in an Open forum to be held on 10th June 2016 from 1100 hrs onward in “SAMWAD” committee room 3rd Floor TEC New Delhi. Security Lab Tender document has been attached herewith for your reference. You are requested to attend the Open Forum along with your valuable suggestions to review the tender document.” »

NIT for Telecom Security Test lab

NIT for Telecom Security Test lab released. For detail please see www.eprocure.gov.in »

Inviting Sealed Quotations for Hiring of Audio Conference Bridge Services

Sealed quotations are invited by TEC for Hiring of Audio Conference Bridge Services for conducting Audio-Conferencing Conversations and sharing of documents, among the officers of TEC. (click here) »

Budgetary estimates are invited

Budgetary estimates are invited by Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC), from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), or Traders / Authorised Supplier/ Distributor/ Dealer/ Agent of OEMs of Test and Measurement Instruments to establish laboratory for testing of telecom products (click here). »

Suggestions invited

“TEC is in the process of preparation of the Technical Requirements for IP Interconnections among service providers. Suggestions are invited from Service providers, Telecom Equipment Manufacturers and other stockholders on the subject. The suggestions may please be submitted on the e-mail address diri.tec@nic.in or ddgi.tec@gov.in”. »

Budgetary Estimate Invite

Technical Proposal along with Budgetary Estimate Invite for setting up of “Green Passport Lab” (click here ) »

GRs for valuable comments

Copy of the draft GRs are attached herewith for valuable comments and requested to send comments to dirsat1.tec@gov.in so as to reach this office by 25th July, 2014. i. WAN OPTIMIZATION FOR SATELLITE NETWORK (No. TEC/TX/GR/WAN-001/01.Draft) ii. 6GHz HIGH PERFORMANCE ANTENNA (TEC/GR/PI/ANT-006/05.xxx-14) »

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