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Member (Technology) DoT inaugurated the TEC portal of Online Sale of Documents

Member (Technology) DoT, Mr G. K. Upadhyay inaugurated on 19th October 2016, the new TEC portal for Online Sale of Documents in TEC conference hall (click here).  TEC prepares documents by way of Generic Requirements (GR), Interface Requirements (IR), Service Requirements (SR) and Standards. The list of documents can be obtained from here.  In this portal the documents are categorised based on equ... »

Inviting Sealed Quotations for Printing of TEC Newsletters

Sealed quotations are invited by TEC for printing of TEC Newsletters on quarterly basis for one year (click here). »

Formation of Manufacturers Forum – Future Network Division

FN Division TEC is in the process of forming” Manufacturers Forum”for formulation of lRs/GRs under its mandate / jurisdiction (click here) »

Open Forum for review of router procurement tender document

It is proposed to discuss the tender document for Procurement of Routers and associated materials for  interconnecting RTECs for remote testing with NGN Labs in an Open forum to be held on 29th June 2016 from 1500 hrs onward in “SAMWAD” committee room 3rd Floor TEC New Delhi. The tender document has been attached herewith for your reference. You are requested to attend the Open Forum along with yo... »

TEC is in the process of finalizing its Annual Action Plan 2016-2017

TEC is in the process of finalizing its Annual Action Plan 2016-2017. This plan has to be drawn up in pursuance of the role of TEC in helping the telecom industry in formulating various standards and specifications governing the telecom network (click here) »

Standard on IP Interconnection between Service Providers networks released by TEC

TEC has released the standard for IP based interconnection between service providers networks. The standard deal with the requirements for interconnect. Traditionally telecom network interconnection was through TDM Links. However the telecom networks are becoming predominantly IP based catering to different service over the converged IP infrastructure. This document defines the various requirement... »

S&D Division has been redesignated as IoT

The Service and Development (S&D) division  has been redesignated as Internet of Things (IoT) division »

M2M/IoT Technical reports released on 20-11-2015

Release of Technical Reports in M2M domain on 20-11-2015 (click for report) (click for photo) »

New GR on Self Supporting Mast

Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) is formulating   a new GR for Self Supporting Mast as per the concept of Everything on Tower (EOT) to provide uniform cost effective solution for Broadband including rural area (click here). »

Budgetary Estimate invite

 A SAR Lab is proposed to be set up at RTEC, Mumbai and Project Estimate is under preparation, hence, RTEC Mumbai invites budgetary estimate from all interested parties (click here for detail) »

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