TEC | Formulation Procedure

Formulation Procedure

Formulation of GR/IR/SR shall broadly follow the following procedure.
Stage Activity
TEC Draft Study and consultations
DFC Comments from DCC Sub-Committee members and Manufacturers
Discussions in DCC Sub-Committee Meeting
Pre-DCC Draft Comments from DFC members
Discussions in DCC Sub-Committee with comments
Draft GR/IR/SR Comments from Manufacturers
Discussions in Manufacturers’ Forum Meeting
Comments from other DDsG
Discussions in DCC Meeting
GR/IR/SR Formulation of Provisional Test Schedule and Test Procedure
Approval of Sr. DDG, TEC
TSTP Notification through TEC website
Fist testing of network element or system
Initiation for Framing GR/IR/SR
  • Framing of any new GR/IR/SR can be initiated after receiving a request from any of following
    a. Department of Telecommunication (DoT)
    a. Telecom Service Providers
    b. User groups
    c. Members of DCC
  • Manufacturers can initiate a requirement for new technology by referring to TEC.TEC can suo-moto decide to frame specifications based on worldwidedevelopments and trends in telecommunications. Framing and approval of a GR/IR/SR shall be done with the approval of Sr. DDG, TEC.