Invitation for Stakeholder’s meeting on 16th March in TEC

As you may be aware, certification under the Mandatory Testing & Certification of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE) scheme shall become mandatory from 1st October 2018. While framing MTCTE scheme, consultation with stakeholders was started, which is now continuing in the form of Mandatory Testing Consultative Forum (MATCOF). Specific issues related to standards and tests to be included in Essential Requirements (ERs) of various telecom products are being discussed in MATCOFs arranged by concerned division of TEC handling the respective telecom equipment. During these meetings and separately, several issues related to the implementation of the MTCTE scheme have been brought to our notice and attempts have been made to resolve these. A number of clarifications have also been put on TEC’s site for obtaining comments/ feedback, after which these will become final.

There could still be some general issues related to the implementation of the MTCTE, which might not have come to the notice of TEC so far. To have discussions and deliberations on such issues, a meeting with all the stakeholders of MTCTE has been scheduled on 16th March’18 at 14.30 hours. The venue of the meeting shall be Dr Abdul Kalam Sabhagar, 3rd Floor, TEC, Janpath, New Delhi-110001. You are hereby invited to attend the meeting (click here for detail)