TEC | List of Essential Requirements

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List of Essential Requirements

(For information only. Authenticated ERs will be uploaded later)

Division ER No Product Variants ERStatus
Future Network      2-Wire Telephone Equipment    
TEC1266:218 Conferencing Equipment Audio Conferencing Facility Device Appd
Multi Line Telephone System
TEC1329:218 G3 FAX Machine Group 3 FAX  Machine with handset Appd
Group 3 FAX machine without handset
TEC1663:218 Modem V.90 Modem Appd
V.92 Modem
Voice Band Data Modem
TEC1767:218 POS Terminal Point of Sales(POS) terminal with PSTN/CDMA/ GSM/GPRS interface  Appd
TEC1267:218 Cordless Phone Cordless Phone  Appd
Fixed Access TEC1476:218 GPON Equipments ONT  Appd
TEC1375:218 DSL Equipments OMSAN  Appd
IoT / M2M  TEC2449:218 IoT Gateway IoT Gateway  Appd
IoT POS Machine
 TEC2873:218 Tracking Device Vehicle Tracking Device  Appd
Asset Tracking Device  Appd
Pet Tracking Device  Appd
Human Tracking/ Safety Device  Appd
 TEC2836:218 Smart Electricity Meter Smart Electricity Meter on Cellular/ Broadband  Appd
 TEC2898:328 Smart watch Smart watch  Appd
 TEC2882:218 Smart Security Camera Smart Security Camera  Appd
 TEC2323:318 Feedback Device  Feedback Device  Appd
 TEC2373:318 End Point Device for Environmental Monitoring  Appd
Information Technology   TEC3794:218  Switch L2 Switch  Appd
L3 Switch  Appd
MPLS-TP Based Carrier Ethernet Network  
PBB/PBB-TE) Based Carrier Ethernet Networks (CEN)  
Load Balancer Switch  
TEC3768:218 Router IPV4 Router   Appd
IPV6 Router   Appd
MPLS Router   Appd
BNG/ BRAS Router  
  Server Server  
Integrated Server  
  Synchronisation Equipment  Network Timing Protocol(NTP) Server  
Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Server  
TEC3347:218 Network Security Systems  Firewall  
Unified Threat Management(UTM)  
Intrusion Prevention System(IPS)  
Intrusion Detection System(IDS)  
Mobile Technology   BSC/ RNC BSC  
TEC4227:218 Compact Cellular Network Compact Cellular Network  Appd
TEC4772:218 Mobile Device Mobile Device  Appd
 TEC4778218 Repeater Repeater  Appd
 TEC4272218 BTS BTS  Appd
Radio TEC5642:218 Microwave Links in Fixed Radio Systems Point to Point Microwave Links Appd
Point to Multipoint Microwave Links
TEC5843:218 VHF/ UHF Radio Systems Base  Stations used  in  fixed locations Appd
Mobile stations  used in  vehicles  or as transportable stations
Handheld portable stations
TEC5678:218 Mobile Radio Trunking System Equipments Base  Stations used  in  fixed locations Appd
Mobile stations  used in  vehicles  or as transportable stations
Handheld portable stations
TEC5943:218 Equipment operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands Wi-Fi enabled Data Card/ Dongle Appd
Wi-Fi Access Points
WiFi Modem
Point to Point Radio System using WiFi
Point to Multi Point Radio System using WiFi
TEC5728:218 Satellite System Satellite Systems  Appd
Switching TEC6747:218 IP Terminal IP Terminal  Appd
TEC6649:218 Media Gateway Media Gateway Appd
Line Media Gateway
Media Gateway for CPE
TEC6749:218 Signalling Gateway Signalling Gateway Appd
TEC6722:218 SBC SBC Appd
TEC6779:218 Soft Switch Soft Switch Appd
TEC6473:218 ISDN CPE ISDN Terminal Appd
PC Card based ISDN Terminal
Multipoint Conferencing Server
Terminal Adapter
ISDN Gateway
TEC6729:218 PABX PABX Appd
TEC6277:218 Application Server Application Server On hold
TEC6677:218 Media Server Media Server On hold
Transmission TEC7689:218 Multiplexing Equipment Versatile 2 Mbps MUX Appd
2 Mbps PCM MUX
TEC7734:218 SDH Equipments SDH Equipments Appd
SDH Equipments with PCM
TEC7393:218 DWDM Equipments DWDM Equipments Appd
DWDM Equipments with OTN DXC
TEC7392:218  DXC O-E-O Based DXC Appd
64 Kbps XC

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