Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipments (MTCTE)

The Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules, 2017, provides that every telecom equipment must undergo mandatory testing and certification prior to sale, import of use in India. The final detailed procedure for Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipments (MTCTE) under these rules has been notified separately. The testing is to be carried out for conformance to Essential Requirements for the equipment, by Indian Accredited Labs designated by TEC and based upon their test reports, certificate shall be issued by TEC.


Updated “The application for certification under MTCTE is to be submitted online through MTCTE Portathrough which online administration of this procedure shall be carried out. This portal is open for field trial.”.


Notification of dates for mandatory certification under MTCTE 


Final MTCTE Procedure

(All clarifications/ FAQs issued so far have been merged in MTCTE Procedure)

Exemption from some tests included in ERs

TEC has notified Essential Requirement for all the products covered by MTCTE. It may be noted that test reports for all parameters included in the respective ER need to be necessarily submitted and complied.

TEC has received a few requests for modification/ removal of some of the test parameters included in ERs. As the ERs have been developed through a detailed consultative process of MTCOF, keeping in view the objectives of user and network safety, it may not be possible to modify the ERs on such requests. However, in order to allow sufficient time for the manufacturers to arrange for all the test reports, it has been decided that time limited exemption from submission of test reports for specific parameters can be granted to all manufacturers, provided relevant information is provided by manufacturers to TEC in advance.

Such exemption is to be obtained in advance, before submission of application. Products for which exemptions are availed shall be provisionally certified for a period of one year. Before expiry of provisional certificate, the same can be renewed by getting the product tested and report submitted in respect of exempted parameters.

In order to obtain exemption from submission of test reports in respect of some parameters, manufacturers are requested to provide relevant information as per following proforma:

1.     Product Name/ Variant name (s)


2.     Name of OEM/ Importer/ Dealer/ Brand


3.     Name of the parameter to be exempted


4.     Reason for seeking exemption:

A.    Test report from international accredited lab not available because normally product is not tested for this parameter or there is no international accredited lab.

B.    The product is manufactured in India and there is no accredited/ designated lab in India.

C.    The product does not comply with specific limits/ test voltages/ procedures prescribed in ERs.

D.    Others (Please specify)


            A / B / C



Please submit separate sheets for each parameter/ product