Meeting of Stakeholders of Mandatory Testing on focussed issues

A meeting of stakeholders on MTCTE related issues was organized in TEC on 16th March 2018, which was attended in large number by representatives from Telecom OEMs, Laboratories, Manufacturers’ and Operators’ Associations etc. A presentation on MTCTE was given, copy of which is available for download here. Large number of queries raised during the meeting were replied/ clarified by TEC.

During the meeting, it emerged that a few issues needed detailed discussions/ deliberations. Accordingly, the following focus areas were identified:

Issues related to export-import and customs clearance. Issues related to custom clearance in respect of modules, spares, components, return repair, SKD, CKD etc. also will be included.

Issues related to testing of IT equipments to have clarity on testing of servers, notebooks, tablets. Issues arising out of de-notification of Mobile phones and POS terminals from CRS also to be included.

Issues related to IoT, M2M and other inter-sectoral devices.

Issues related to definition of family/ series/ associated models for single certification under MTCTE.

Issues related to labelling, e-labelling, printing/ affixing of label and QR code etc.

Issues related to online portal and demo of testing version of online portal.

It is proposed to hold six meetings covering the aforesaid issues separately. All those who would like to participate in any of these meetings may convey their names (kindly restrict participation to one person from one organization) by mail to Inputs for these meetings may be mailed separately. The dates for meetings shall be notified separately.