MRA & Personnel (M&P) Division

Activity Summary:

M&P division is responsible for the following

1. Personnel and establishment:-
a. Personnel: – It performs various activities related to Personnel and HR functions of staff of TEC & NTIPRIT and retired personals which includes transfer posting, RTI cases, PG, Pay & LTC issues and pension related settlements etc.
b. Establishment: – It performs various activities related to training and skill development of TEC staff and other matter related to staff such as GPF settlements, medical claim cases, APAR, court and disciplinary cases etc.

2. Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA):-

Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) under Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Communications and IT, Government of India has been appointed as the Designating Authority (DA) on behalf of DoT for Telecom Equipment. TEC as DA is designating Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs)/ Certification Bodies (CBs) located in India to perform testing and certification of telecom products. TEC as DA is also recognising Foreign CABs/ CBs located in the territory of MRA partner to perform testing and certification of telecom products to India’s requirements.

Focus Area:

1. Personnel and establishment:-

It performs various activities related to HR functions such as

      • Handling of fixation of pay,
      • Posting and transfer,
      • Maintenance of service books, records, personal files,
      • Medical permission and claims/ Settlement of bills,
      • LTC cases,
      • RTI cases,
      • Legal matters, PQ,
      • Handling Promotions and Increments, Leave Records, Staff claims/ Settlement of bills, all pension cases of retired/retiring TEC employees,
      • Matters related to legal, court cases of personal section,
      • Implementation of disciplinary cases and Establishment matters such as compilation of Annual confidential report, GPF advance and withdrawal, competency development and training etc.
      • SPARROW (Online APAR)


2. Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA):-

The MRA activity of TEC includes Designation of laboratories in India as Conformance Assessment Bodies (CAB) and Certification Bodies (CB) as well as Recognition of CABs and CBs located in another country.

The following documents lay down the procedures and criteria for designating Conformity Assessment Bodies for testing and/or certifying to the MRA partner’s requirements. The document also lays down the procedure for recognising Foreign CABs/ CBs designated by the MRA partners to certify to Indian requirements. To qualify for designation/ recognition, the CABs/ CBs must fulfill the criteria as given in the scheme. TEC as the Designating Authority reserves the right to amend and introduce new requirements to this scheme as and when required.

A Conformity Assessment Body (CAB)/ Certification Bodies CBs in India interested in certifying and/or testing of any telecom products to the requirements of a foreign country/custom territory that has entered into Mutual Recognition Agreement or Arrangement with India need to apply to TEC. Similarly the Foreign CABs/CBs designated by the MRA partner may apply for Recognition for testing and /or certifying the Indian requirements.

At present India has Mutual Recognition Agreement or Arrangement (MRA) with Singapore in Telecom Sector. IDA Singapore has scheme for recognition of CAB / CBs which gives details of their Telecom Specifications and Test Procedure. The details regarding recognition by Singapore is detailed in “Scheme for Recognising Foreign Testing and Certification Bodies for Conformity Assessment of Telecommunication Equipment”.
And other detail about Singapore on Telecom sector is available at Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), Singapore.

List of CABs Designated by India
List of CABs Recognised by MRA Partner

Contact Details: For further information, please contact

    1. D. K. Khanna DDG (M&P)
    2. Dinesh Sharma Dir (Estt.)
    3. Rajkumar Dir (M&P)
    4. Omvir Singh ADG (M&P)
    5. S. P. Sahu ADG (Estt)
    6. A. K. Gupta JTO (MRA)