Notice for inviting nominations for reconstitution of National Working Group 17 (NWG-17) corresponding to ITU-T Study Group 17 for the Study period 2017-2020

A national working group 17 has been constituted by DoT in TEC in parallel with ITU-T Study group 17. WTSA-16 under its resolution defined the responsibilities and mandates of different study groups of ITU-T for study period of 2017-20.

TS division in TEC has been entrusted with the responsibilities related to study group 17 of ITU-T. The NWG-17 will work to develop contributions from India to Study group 17 of ITU-T. The development of contribution is a consultative process which require active participation from stakeholders and subject matter experts.

In view of above, nominations are invited for participation in activities of National Working Group 17.

Nominations may kindly be sent by mail on

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