Quality Policy and Objectives

                                               QUALITY POLICY

TEC is committed to develop specifications and standards for Telecommunication sector in India and to carry out its functions as testing & certification body to ensure development of modern and efficient Telecom networks and use of standards compliant devices in India and their interoperability.

TEC is committed to provide technical updates, support and advice to the Department of Telecommunications to assist them in policy formulation and resolution of techno-regulatory matters. 

TEC shall fulfill its commitments through proactive approach, stakeholders’ participation, technological and infrastructural upgradation, knowledge sharing, skill development as well as collaboration with international standardisation and certification bodies. TEC shall endeavor to continually improve its processes by implementing ICT tools. 

                                        QUALITY OBJECTIVES

 TEC has set its Quality Objectives: 

1. To ensure timely preparation & updating of GRs/ IRs /SRs/ TSTPs/SDs as per the Annual Action Plan.

2. To ensure timely conduct of testing & issue of approval certificates.

3. To establish following new Laboratories:
• Application Lab
• Control Lab
• CPE & TL Lab
• Green Passport Lab
• Labs for RTECs
• Access Lab
• SAR Lab at RTEC, Mumbai
• Security Lab

4. To develop infrastructure of TEC for achieving e-office

5. To ensure continuous skill development of personnel of TEC through training and participation in seminars and workshops.

6. To continually endeavor to increase satisfaction level of all stakeholders of TEC.