TEC | Service Requirements

Service Requirements

  • Service Requirements (SR) detail the services and network related requirements for specific applications, which should be met by service providersin accordance with the requirements specified by licensing authority. SRs shall be formulated, revised, or withdrawn in the same manner as detailed for GRs/IRs. However, DCC for this purpose, shall have members only from Licensing Branch of DoT and from TEC. Accordingly, DFC shall be circulated amongst these members only.
  • SR has same format as that of GR as applicable to the particular service. TEC shall concurrently create Test Schedules and Test Procedures for every SR also, in order to test and validate networks and services.


  • SRs are assigned specific numbers for ease of identification, as follows
    No: TEC/SR/BBB–xxx/vv/MMM-YY
    TEC: Telecommunication Engineering Centre
    SR: Service Requirements
    BBB: Service name (alphabets)
    xxx: Service reference (alpha-numeric value)
    vv: Version reference (numeric value)
    MMM: Month in which SR is released
    YY: Year in which SR is released