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                             WRC-2007: INDIAN Proposal for WP 4 OF APG-07

World Radiocommunication Conference-2007, held by   ITU, is scheduled for Oct. 07 in Geneva. Further, Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT), a Regional Telecom Forum, is working for harmonizing the views of its members to prepare a common proposal for WRC-07 under its program APG ( i.e. “APT Conference Preparatory Group”)  and India is a member of APT.  Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) is the nodal agency for WRC-07 in India, and WPC had constituted seven (7) working groups, corresponding to the Working Parties of WRC. Radio Division of TEC is responsible for the Working Group 4 (WG4).

TEC held 5 meetings of WG4  for harmonizing Indian views and based on the outcome of the discussions in these meetings, an Indian Proposal has been prepared for APG -07.