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TEC Functions

TEC Functions are as follows:

  • TEC is a technical body representing the interest of Department of Telecom, Government of India.
  • Prepare specification of common standards with regard to Telecom network equipment,services and interoperability.
  • Specifications released as Generic Requirements (GRs), Interface Requirements (IRs) and Service Requirements (SR).
  • Issuing Interface Approvals, Certificate of Approvals, Service Approvals & Type Approvals.
  • Formulation of Standards and Fundamental Technical Plans.
  • Interact with multilateral agencies like APT, ETSI and ITU etc. for standardisation.
  • Develop expertise to imbibe the latest technologies and results of R&D.
  • Provide technical support to DoT and technical advice to TRAI & TDSAT.
  • Coordinate with C-DOT  on the technological developments in the Telecom Sector for policy planning by DoT .