TEC is in the process of finalizing its Annual Action Plan 2015-2016

Telecommunication Engineering Centre

Department of Telecommunications

K.L.Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi 110001


No.  13-AAP/2015-FN/TEC                                                 Date: 27.01.2015


All Service Providers, Manufacturers, Equipment & Software Vendors and Association (COAI, AUSPI, ISAI, VSAL, TEMA, TSDM, CMAI, MAIT, MTRO CII, FICCI etc.) 

Sub.:- Annual Action Plan of TEC for 2015-2016. 

TEC is in the process of finalizing its Annual Action Plan 2015-2016. This plan has to be drawn up in pursuance of the role of TEC in helping the telecom industry in formulating various standards and specifications governing the telecom network. 

It is requested to suggest the items for which standards and related documentation works may be taken up by TEC. Priority may kindly be assigned to specific items which should be taken urgently. It is also requested to suggest the items for which the existing documents may be revised in view of significant developments in the field. The details of such documents alongwith list of core division of TEC & their respective mandate is available at TEC web site (address: http://www.tec.gov.in). 

It is requested to kindly provide above inputs by e-mail to ddgn.tec@gov.in, dirsmc@gmail.com, dirn1.tec@gov.in or adgn3.tec@gov.in positively by 6th February, 2015 to enable TEC to finalise the AAP at the earliest. 

                                                                                         (Arvind Chawla)                                                                                                    DDG (FN), TEC


Email: ddgn.tec@gov.in

Copy to:

  1. Sr.DDG, TEC-for kind information.
  2. All DDGs- with a request to ensure that the information is disseminated to all the concerned stakeholders of their groups.
  3. DDG (I), Administrator, TEC Website with a request to kindly upload this request on TEC’s official website.