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Tenders Awarded

Tenders Awarded/P.O. issued by TEC in the year 2016-17


  1. No.
Month Item Tyoe of Tender W.O..No.& Date Name of firm/Company
1 July 2016 House keeping open 2-11/2016-MM/TEC dated 29.06.2016 M/s Vansh Enterprises 2188/5 2nd Floor, main Patel Nagar New Delhi-08
2 Aug 2016 EMF measuring Instrument/Test sets Open 2-3/2015-MM/TEC dated 31.08.2016 M/s Fastech Telecommunication (I) Pvt. Ltd.

230-231 Keytuo Industrial Estate

Kondivita Road, Andehri East

Mumbai- 400059


3 Feb 2017 Hiring of vehicles e-bidding on GeM GeM-RH-638 dated 9.02.2017 M/s Chanson Motors Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi
4 March 2017 Stationary Open 4-2/2016-MM/TEC dated 9.03.2017 1.M/s Kendriya Bhandar, West Block-VIII, R.K.Puram, New Delhi


  1. M/s Melody Home, Shop No. D-Block, DDA Market, Anand Vihar, Delhi-1100923