Material Management:
  1. Procurement of all types of equipment for TEC
  2. Tenders for procurements of various items
  3. Tenders for different services i.e. AMCs/housekeeping/vehicles etc.
  4. Processing of bills
  5. Scrapping
  6. Processing of Estimates of Civil & Electrical Works of the TEC building
  7. Handling of work related to Budget, RFD, Annual action Plan etc.
  8. Handling of Material Management, Tenders, Equipment maintenance/AMC etc.
  1. Procurement of stationary items, computer stationary, contingency items and distribution of these items to meet the day to day requirement of TEC
  2. Procurement of various staff items and distribution of these items
  3. Maintaining of Store records
  4. Day to day Computer Maintenance (AMCs) coordination


  1. Maintenance of TEC building
  2. Room Allotment




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