Certificate of approval is issued by TEC for the product for which the IR/GR does not exist with TEC and is issued against applicant’s own specification and in particular cases viz. GSM Phones, 3G Modems, Bluetooth Enabled wireless terminals against approved Standards of Standard Body.

Eligibility for Certificate of Approval

Any Indian manufacturer, authorized trader/dealer of a foreign manufactured equipment, licensed service operator or local office of a foreign telecom equipment manufacturer or Branch Office of a foreign manufactured product having permission from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for import and sell of their Principals product is eligible for seeking approval.Certificate of approval is an approval given to a Product notified by TEC against applicants own specifications. At present for GSM Mobile Handsets and Bluetooth enabled wireless terminals, Certificate of Approval is being given based on test conducted by accredited labs.  Examples of other requirements are given in ‘Check List for GSM Mobiles’. “Check List for Bluetooth enables wireless terminals’,  “Check List for products against applicant’s own specification’. TEC shall take up of cases for Certificate of Approvals for GSM Mobile Phones & Blue ToothTerminals as per the following documents to be made available by the vendors for certification purposes. No testing is carried out for these products. However, an amount equivalent to CATEGORY II is to be charged as Test fees from the vendors. The Application in FORM ‘A’ along with the following documents are as below:

(i) GSM Mobile Phones (voice as well as 3G Modems
  1. All GSM Mobile Handsets/Blue Tooth Terminals to be offered to TEC shall have the valid Full Type approval by International Accredited labs and shall have to submit full test report and conformity report in English Language.
  2. GPRS compatibility test reports against EN 301 419 if applicable.
  3. Copy of GSM MOU Permanent Secretariat listing of internet updates in the website.
  4. All Documents shall be in the English Language only.
  5. Original or certified technical documents giving detailed description of the equipment and methods employed in the testing.
  6. Certificate of Conformity.
  7. A declaration from the manufacturer that the mobile equipment meets all the applicable recommendations of GSM standards.
  8. A declaration from the manufacturer that the adequate security measures have been taken to protect the IMEI against duplication, unauthorized removal or change.8. FIPB approval/Automatic Route clearance through Reserve Bank of India for importing /trading the product in India, if the manufacturer is from foreign origin.
  9. Trade authorization letter from the original manufacturer appointing him as   trader for the product indicating the period of validity if fixed or open ended.
  10. An Affidavit, attested by Notary Public for each product/model.
  11. Original Model to be submitted to TEC for verification of the model. The model number should be same as claimed by the applicant while applying & Type approval certificate should bear the same model number.
  12. TEC reserves the right to conduct further tests as and when COA has been granted.
  13. Certificate of Approval (COA) Test Fee of Rs. Rs.35000/-.
  14. All Documents shall be in the English Language only.
  15. Certificate of approval shall be issued to the Indian Representative of the Company ( If Imported) and the COA shall enclose the annexure to the COA listing the standards against which the COA is approved.
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