Cyber Security (CS)


The Cyber Security (CS) Division is responsible for activities related to the telecom network security under the overall policy on the cyber security and telecom security.

Focus Areas:

1. Contribute in Defining the Security framework for ICT network, including security objectives, threats and vulnerabilities, management strategies and challenges associated with it.

2. Contribute in Defining the Security indexing guidelines for telecom equipment in line with ITU-T recommendations X.1521 on CVSS i.e. Common Vulnerability Scoring System.

3. Defining security auditing guidelines specific to telecom Service providers in accordance with ISO 27001.

4. Co-ordinate with DOT, MHA and other cyber security agencies.

Current activities:

1. Participate in ITU SG-17 related National Working Group activities.

2. Associate with the NGN division for installation of the ‘MODEL’ Security Test Lab in TEC.