Fixed Access (FA)


The “Fixed Access (FA)” Division is responsible for formulating a single fully compatible standard in the form of Generic Requirements, Interface Requirements and Guidelines by harmonizing with the international standards ( i.e. ITU, ATIS, ETSI, IEEE, IEC, ASTM, IETF, ISO, MEF, 3GPP etc.)  in the area of Fixed Access Technology for development of new products as per standards thus formulated to bring about self-reliance in the manufacturing and Technology development sectors of Indian Telecom Industry. Adoption of green policy in telecom sector and reduction of carbon footprint in Indian Telecom Network is another area of activity of FA division.

A. Product and Services:A. Access Technology Equipment (External Plant)
i.  xDSL family for access network, viz., ASDL, HDSL, SHDSL, VDSL, etc.
iii. Main Distribution Frame (MDF)
iv. Protection Equipment, viz., IPM, GD Tubes, PTC
v. Underground Copper Cable – PIJF Cables
vi. Wire materials, viz., Switch-board cables, Jumper wire, Drop wire, PCM-bay sire
vii. External Cable Termination Boxes, viz., Cabinet an DP
viii. Underground conduits for laying cables, vizx., PVC Ducts, PLB, HDPE pipes
ix. Underground Cable Jointing Materials, viz., Thermo shrink sleeves, Discrete and Modular Connectors, and other kit components
x. Cable Testing Instruments, Viz., Cable Route Tracer, Cable Fault Locator, Electronic Locator System.
 B. Customer Premises Equipment:i.  ADSL2+
i. ADSL2+
ii. VDSL
iii. HDSL
iv. HDSL
v. Ethernet Converter
 C. Battery and Power Plant:i.  Power system based on renewable energy
ii. SMPS Power plant
iii. VRLA batteries
iv. Tubular VRLA batteries based on GEL Technology
v. Inverters Systems
vi. UPS Systems
vii. SPV Systems
viii. Lightening & surge protection
 D. Test and Measuring Instruments:

i. Copper qualification and DSL pair testers, frequency counter, etc.
ii. 16Khz metering pluse analyzer, Telephone line tester
iii. Power Meter

 E. Planning and Maintenance Guidelines:i. SMPS Power plants
ii. SPV Systems
iii. Access Network
iv. VRLA Batteries
 F. Reduction of Carbon emission in Telecom Network and testing of Telecom equipment to be energy assessed and certified green passport:i.  Finalization of Measurement metrics for all telecom equipment.
ii. Preparation of Test schedule/Test procedure/measurement methodology based on measurement metrics for testing of Telecom Equipment to be certified green passport.
iii. Norms/Figure of merit for Green Passport Certification of Telecom equipment.
 G. Technology Approval: Testing of C-DOT developed GPON and Mini OLT based GPON equipment for Technology approval.
Focus Area:

  1. Preparation of GR / IR / SR / TSTP etc. on products related to access technology equipment, customer premises equipment, Passive Optical Networks equipment, Power plant and batteries by interacting with the stake holders.
  2. Preparation of technical documents, white papers and study papers on Fixed Access technology and Green Telecom.
  3. Formulation of guidelines/standards on green Telecom with the objectivity for enhanced and continued adoption of green policy in telecom sector and to incentivize use of renewable energy sources and energy efficient equipment for long term sustainability.
  4. Under Mandatory Certificate Scheme, coordinating with regional Centers of TEC for Type Approval testing and certification.
  5. Testing of C-DOT developed fixed access equipment for Technology approval
Current Activities:

  1. Revision of GR / IR as per the annual action plan 2017-18.
  2. Coordination for TEC activities related to ITU-T SG 5 & SG 15.
  3. Testing of C-DoT developed G-PON for technology approval.
  4. Coordination with MRA division of TEC for accreditation and mandatory certification scheme.
  5. Formulation of Measurement metrics and measurement methodology for telecom equipment such as Mobile core equipment, transport, access equipment, CPE and power equipment etc.for Green Passport & reduction of carbon footprint.
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