Functions of RTEC’s

TEC has four Regional Centres called RTECs. These are RTEC (NR) for Northern region, RTEC (ER) for Eastern region, RTEC (WR) for Western region and RTEC (SR) for Southern region region, located at New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore respectively. The RTECs are responsible for testing and certification of products, equipments and systems. Each  of the RTEC is headed by a Dy. Director General. The coordination of activities of RTECs and issue of certificate is vested with Regional Coordination (RC) Unit at TEC New Delhi headed by a DDG.

In case of Type Approval, Interface Approval and Certificate of Approval, the applicant is required to apply to the respective Regional TEC (RTEC) within whose jurisdiction their manufacturing plant or Registered Office is located.

  • Registration of application for Certification & Approval of Telecom Products against GR/IR of TEC/ Applicant’s own specifications.
  • Carrying out Testing of Telecom Products against the specifications.
  • Sale of GR/IR documents.