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Guidelines for payment to TEC for designation of Conformity Assessment Body (CABs)

  1. All payments to TEC for availing various services is to be made on-line through Non-Tax Revenue Portal (NTRP) using link: https://bharatkosh.gov.in/. The user guide for making payment through NTRP can be downloaded from https://bharatkosh.gov.in/static/Template/UserGuideBharatkosh.pdf.
  2. For making payment to TEC for designation of CAB, the following procedure is to be followed:
    i. The user may first get registered on the NTRP (Recommended) or start as Non-Registered Users.
    ii. Purpose: Click Search button against purpose on the home screen. In the pop-up window, type ‘CAB designation’ (as required) against purpose and select ‘TELECOMMUNICATIONS’ in the Ministry drop-down menu. Click ‘Search’ button.
    iii. The purpose ‘CAB designation /Recognition Fee’ become visible. These payment types are also visible by scrolling down with partial or without typing/ selection.
    iv. Click the link on ‘CAB designation /Recognition Fee’ against the required payment type.
    v. In the following screen, select ‘077184 – CONTROLLER OF COMMUNICATION ACCOUNTS, TEC’ as PAO, ‘201594 – SRDDG’ as DDO, ‘INR’ as Amount and ‘One Time’ as Payment Frequency/ Period. Enter the amount to be paid in whole Rupees.
    vi. Against ‘Remarks’, enter the name of CAB and name of specification against which designation sought for and clearly mention the No of specification. Click ‘Add’ button. The entered payment type will appear below the add button.
    vii. If more than one payment is to be made to the same PAO, these can be entered and added to the payment list.
    viii. Wrongly added payment types can be deleted from the list.
    ix. Press ‘Next’ to proceed to Depositor’s information page. In case of registered payee, already saved information shall be used, while in case of non-registered payee, all information is to be entered here.
    x. Select ‘NEFT’ or ‘Online Payment’ and click ‘next’.
    xi. If the details are correct, press ‘Confirm’ and make payment.
    xii. After payment is successful, print the cyber receipt and submit it to the TEC with application of CAB.