Information Technology (IT)


The “Information Technology” (IT) Division is responsible for standardization and associated activities in the technology areas related to Internet Protocol IPv4 and IPv6, association with DoT for IPv6 implementation in the country, Implementation of various IT projects for e-TEC, development and maintenance of TEC website, Maintenance of IT infrastructure in TEC etc.

Focus Area:

1. IT projects for simplifying the processed in TEC towards the goal of e-TEC.

2. Preparation of technical documents, white papers & study papers on IT subject.

3. Preparation of GR / IR / SR / TSTP etc. on products and services related to use of the Internet Protocol (both IPv4 and IPv6).

4. Assistance to DoT for implementation of IPv6 across the country by different stakeholders.

5. Participation in India IPv6 Task Force, which is a multimember body formed by the DoT for speedy implementation of IPv6 in India.

6. Maintenance of the TEC website.

Current Activities:

1. Coordination for TEC activities related to ITU-T SG 9.

2. Project “online sale” of TEC documents like GR / IR / SR / TSTP and other Documents.

3. Association with NGN division for installation of IPv6 transport lab in phase-I of NGN project.

4. Revision of GR / IR as per the annual action plan.

5. Participation in various IPv6 related activities organized by DoT.

6. Maintenance of the TEC website.

Product and Services:

1. Core/Edge layer-3 IP Transport network Technologies such as MPLS/Routers etc.

2. Aggregation IP layer-2 Transport Network using Technologies such as layer-2 Switches/RPR/PBB/MPLS-TP etc.

3. Access Routing Product like Customer End Routers.

4. Network and Application Load Balancers.

5. Service Gateway Equipment like Broadband Network Gateway, Broadband Remote Access Server, Access Service Network Gateway, Packet Gateway (P-GW).

6. International IP Gateway.

7. Security Equipment including Firewall, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Lawful Interception System of IP/IPLC Networks, Unified Threat Management Systems etc.

8. Network Management Systems.

9. Application over IP platform like CDN, Video Conferencing, Audio conferencing, IVRS Systems.

10. IT Systems like Servers, Storage, Cloud Infrastructure, Internet data Center, LAN Infrastructure etc.

11. Synchronization of IP Networks.

12. Time Stamping of Telecom Networks.

13. MPLS, VoIP, Data Circuits Test Instruments.