Interface Approval

Interface approval is an approval given to a Telecom Product or network which will be interfaced with Indian Telecom network for which an approved TEC Interface Requirements (IR) is available. Interface approval is given after evaluating the sample of product for compliance to its IR. This certificate is  technical compliance of product to interface requirement indicated in Interface Approval Certificate. The Approval shall be granted after evaluating the product against all the clauses of the Interface Requirement i.e. approval cannot be given to part of the specification clauses while leaving out the rest. Separate IR is issued by TEC for each type of product.  Interface Approval is granted to eligible applicants only.  The documents required are given in the check list for Interface Approval.

Interface Approval Certificate should not be construed to be authorization for trading activities by the firm to whom the certificate has been issued.  Further it shall not be construed as regularizing or validating any irregularities, contravention or other lapses, if any, under the provision of any other laws/regulation.

Sample of Product

Sample of product submitted for approval should be complete in all respects and fully equipped for its maximum capacity or to a capacity mentioned in the IR for testing. There should not be any need for add-on units for testing the product.

Eligibility for Interface Approval

Any Indian manufacturer, authorized trader/dealer of a foreign manufactured equipment licensed service operator or local office of a foreign telecom equipment manufacturer or Branch Office of a foreign manufactured product having permission from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for import and sell of their Principals product is eligible for seeking approval for an equipment for which an approved TEC Interface requirement exists. 

The Applicant shall approach the TEC for approval for his product against payment of prescribed tariff applicable for the Interface requirement. An approval granted to an applicant is in his name and is for a particular model of product and for a particular software version (wherever applicable) and under production at the stated site. The product must be actually under serial production at the claimed manufacturer’s site under manufacturer’s model number and serial number.

The indigenous manufacture could be at any stage of integration/ value addition of the product i.e. CKD, SKD etc. For indigenous products the applicant must be the manufacturer.

If the firm is manufacturing the same product under different brand names for different dealers, he is required to apply separately for each brand of product. Interface Approval granted to a trader is also in his name and is for a particular model of product manufactured by a particular manufacturing source. The trader is required to disclose the source of manufacture of the product. In the case of a foreign manufactured model of a products,  if it is being sold by more than one trader in India, each trader is required to approach TEC separately for Interface Approval of the product.

In case the trader or the manufacturer makes certain changes in the product amounting to a modification of the product, it will be assumed to be a new model and shall have to be given a separate model number. The manufacturer/trader shall be required to apply again to TEC for certification of the product.

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