Access Lab (AL)

I. Work Responsibilities:

 1)  Access Lab Division is responsible for establishment of State of Art Testing Infrastructure for Protocol & Radio conformance with available standards i.e access lab in TEC Delhi for testing the User equipment like Mobile handset, dongles, Tablets, PDAs, Wireless Access Nodes like BSC, BTS, RNC, NodeB, eNodeB, gNodeB, IOT/M2M devices like smart meters, WiFi devices including built in ones testing, SIM/USIM/eSIM testing, Location Services (LBS) testing, Audio Quality including VoLTE voice testing.

 2)The setting up of Labs in TEC is in tune with the objectives of the NTP 2012 policy and the amendment done in the Indian Telegraph rules 1885 i.e Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules, 2017 for Mandatory Testing and Certification of all telecom devices and  for which TEC have been mandated. 

 3) Labs in TEC have been set up broadly with following two objectives: 

  i) To  set-up  world-class   testing   infrastructure   in  the  country  in order   ensure strict end-to-end functioning/ smooth working on network, interoperability on all telecom networks, benchmarking,  secure application  delivery,  seamless mobility  and quality  of service etc.,  for  smooth  uptake  and growth   of NGN in the country. This includes  setting up test processes and procedures for standardizing the mandatory tests. 

  ii) To serve indigenous  as well as international Telecom equipment  manufacturers, Telecom  operators,  Regulators, Application/Content   Service Providers,   independent Software    developers, R&D Institutions, Educational Institutes, Chipset  manufacturers etc. for  conformance,   performance,  functional   and  interoperability among  public  networks   and to  benchmark   devices/  applications/ networks/   services  for all  real life  scenarios.


II. Other Activities:

 1) Access Lab would have a facility to test user equipment of  access nodes of mobile technologies.

 2) Access points of other wireless technologies like Wifi & Bluetooth and IOT/M2M devices using wireless technologies are also planned to be tested. 

 3) Participation & providing inputs to ITU-T SG13, SG17 & SG20 National Working Group.

 4) Technical input to various other ministries/organisation viz DOT,BSNL,MTNL.

 5) Technical interaction with ITU,TRAI, APT, TDSAT, DSIR, DIT, TDB, NDMA, BIS, TCOE and other telecom stakeholders.