Meeting notice for finalisation of Standard Operating Procedure of SIM Personalisation Process

As per DoT order no. 800-04/2017/AS. II dated 19.08.19, it has been decided that Personalisation of SIM cards, provided to the subscribers for accessing the mobile network of Licensed Telecom Service Providers, shall be mandatorily done within India w.e.f 01.03.2020.Hence a Standard Operating Procedure  to be adopted during SIM personalisation process in India has been developed by Telecommunication Engineering Centre. 

In this regard the first meeting was held on 24.01.2020 and inputs were invited from SIM manufacturers,TSP and all relevant stakeholders.After incorporating the inputs draft of SIM personalisation SOP is revised and attached along.

The next meeting for discussion of finalisation of SOP is scheduled on 25.02.2020,14:30 hrs in SAMWAD Committee Room ,TEC. Please find attached SOP and provide your inputs latest to the following email IDs by 24.02.2020:



All the interested participants are requested to kindly make it convenient to attend the meeting as per above mentioned schedule.

(Click here for SOP)