Members of MF of IT Division

IT Division deals with the preparation of the GR/IR/SR/SD for the following equipments and services:-

1. Core/Edge layer-3 IP Transport network Technologies such as MPLS/Routers etc.

2. Aggregation IP layer-2 Transport Network using Technologies such as layer-2 Switches/RPR/PBB/MPLS-TP etc.

3. Access Routing Product like Customer End Routers.

4. Network and Application Load Balancers.

5. Service Gateway Equipment like Broadband Network Gateway, Broadband Remote Access Server, Access Service Network Gateway, Packet Gateway (P-GW).

6. International IP Gateway.

7. Security Equipment including Firewall, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Lawful Interception System of IP/IPLC Networks, Unified Threat Management Systems etc.

8. Network Management Systems.

9. Application over IP platform like CDN, Video Conferencing, Audio conferencing, IVRS Systems.

10. IT Systems like Servers, Storage, Cloud Infrastructure, Internet data Center, LAN Infrastructure etc.

11. Synchronization of IP Networks.

12. Time Stamping of Telecom Networks.

13. MPLS, VoIP, Data Circuits Test Instruments.

When ever the GR/IR/SR/SD of a particular equipment/service is prepared, all the domestic/foreign manufactures, designers and test labs of these equipments are requested to attend. 

Details of members Manufacturers

Sl. No. Name of Manufacturers
1 Cisco
2 Juniper
3 Ericsson
4 Alcatel-Lucent
5 Huawei
8 Brocade
9 UT Starcom
10 HCL
11 HP
12 HP (Networking)
13 IBM
14 Oracle
15 NetAPP
16 EMC
17 Indieon
18 Genband
19 Spirent
21 Compliance
23 C-DoT
24 Tejas
25 Tata Power
26 Inventum
28 Cygnus Micro System
29 Micro-Tek
30 Team Engineers
31 DAX Networks
32 Silver Touch
33 VNL
34 Microsoft Corporation
35 Nomus Systems
36 Aiswarya Technologies and Telecom Ltd