Future Networks (FN)

I. Work Responsibilities:

 1) Future Network & Technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, etc. – Study and Standardization activities.

 2) 2-Wire Interface Telecommunication Equipment such as 2-Wire Telephone, Cordless Telephone, Fax Machine, Modem, Point of Sales (PoS) device, Conferencing equipment etc. – Standardization activities.

 3) Technical support to DoT and other Govt Departments.

 4) National Working Groups/Study Groups (NWG-12 & NWG16) corresponding to ITU-T Study Groups (SGs) and Contributions to ITU-T and other International Standardization Bodies.

 5) Quarterly Rolling Plans (QRPs) for technical contributions and foreign visits of TEC officers.

 6) PPDR (Public Protection & Disaster Relief) Application.


II. Other Activities:

 1) Coordination with IR Wing DoT and within TEC for providing TEC’s technical inputs on International Relation (IR) related like Indo-US, Indo-Japan, Indo-EU etc.

 2) National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) – 2018 Implementation & Coordination.

 3) Implementation of MoU with TCIL on TEC certification recognition by foreign certification Bodies.

 4) Implementation of MoU between TEC and CSIR – CEERI on Collaboration in the area of Future Telecom & ICT Technologies.

 5) Coordination and providing TEC’s Technical inputs for “Technology DoTs” newsletter published by DoT.

 6) Conversion of existing TEC specifications into Standards.