Notice for stakeholder consultation on Indian Telecom Security Assurance requirements of Mobile Handset

Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India had amended the license agreement by incorporating the provisions of Security Testing and certification of Telecom equipment’s with the Telecom Service Providers.

This Testing and Certification of the telecommunication equipment’s shall be done for ensuring compliance with the respective Essential Requirements (ER) documents of TEC. Essential Requirements consists of i) EMC/EMI Requirements ii) Safety Requirements iii) Security Requirements iv) Technical Requirements v) Other Requirements.

To implement mandatory testing and certification,Security requirements are as a  part of Essential requirements for all Telecom equipments which are being framed and tested/evaluated by DDG( SAS)Unit of NCCS ( National Centre for Communications Security )  – DOT – Bangalore.

A draft ITSAR ( Indian Telecom Security Assurance security requirements) for  Mobile Device  is prepared by  SAS unit of  NCCS-  Bangalore . The ITSAR document for  Mobile Device is  comprises of the following:

  1. ITSAR For Mobile Device 
  2. Cryptographic Controls for ITSAR


Meeting details :

a)  Date of Vendors meet  : 20.03.2020 at 1100 Hrs  ( IST )

b) Venue for Vendors meet  : 

                                              Conference Hall

                                                2nd Floor , BSNL City Exchange 
                                               NCCS , Department Of Telecom

                                                Sampangi Ram Nagar

                                                Near Richmond Circle                        

                                                Bangalore – 560027         


Vendors may send their suggestions /Comments to the following E-MAIL addresses on or  Before   13.03.2020  ( 5:30 PM) ;

  ii. ;