Online sale of Documents

The TEC portal for Online Sale of Documents ( have been launched on 19th October, 2016. (click here) 

Around 500 documents prepared by TEC by way of Generic Requirements (GR), Interface Requirements (IR), Service Requirements (SR) and Standards (SD) are available on line. 

The users need not have to come to TEC for getting the physical copy. 

The portal works in browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, in case any problem in accessing the portal using any one type of browsers, other types of browsers can be used. 

The portal is having valid security certificate as well as it is security audited by NIC. However, while accessing, in case any security warning comes, it can be ignored and can proceed with accessing the site. 

First time user may register and login to the site before initiating shopping. 

The logged in user can browse the documents by division or category or search the document using keywords to get the desired document. 

The selected document may be “Add to Cart”. 

Then click “checkout”. 

In the shipping menu, select “On website” and click “Next”. 

In the address menu, fill up mandatory fields in case already not populated. Then click “Next”. 

Click “Confirm” button in confirm menu. Sometimes the portal may ask for “Confirm” twice. 

Then the portal will take the user to payment gateway where the user can make payment through credit card. Payment through net banking or debit card is not available now. 

Once payment is successful, the user will be redirected to the portal from where the user can download the document. 

The purchased documents will be available in the “My Documents” section from where the users can download the document anytime within one week. 

For opening the document, a document key is required which is available in the “My Account” section in the Link “get document key”. 

In case any difficulty is noticed during the process, you may contact ADG (Doc) TEC. Phone: 011-23737409, email: