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Power and duties of CPE & TL Division


  • ‘CPE&TL’ is a new division in TEC established with the objective of setting up of a dedicated Customer Premises equipments and Terminals Lab in order to enable testing of CPEs and Terminals:
  • The section has mandate to equip the Lab to have testing facilities for Customer Premises Equipments and Terminals including Interface Requirements for Routers, Telephone Instruments, Modems, Faxs and other Network elements, especially in view of the Mandatory testing envisaged under National Telecom policy 2012

 Focus Areas:

  • Establishment of CPEs and Terminals Lab
  • Setting up of State of Art testing facilities for Interface Requirements for CPEs and Terminals
  • Participation & inputs to ITU-T SG12 National Working Group
  • Technical inputs to various other departments and organisationviz, DoT, BSNL, MTNL, ISO and carrying out technical interactions with ITU, APT, TRAI, TDSAT, DSIR, DIT, TDB, NDMA, BIS, TCoE and other telecom stake holders.