Power and Duties of R division

Role and functions

The Radio Division is responsible for framing of Generic Requirements (GR) for Terrestrial Radio Communication & Ground Equipment for Satellite Communication Systems, Validation/testing of sub-systems thereof, Interface Requirements (IR) for telecom network, field support to BSNL / MTNL and technical support to DoT.


  • Preparation and review of Generic Requirements / Interface Requirements, Test Schedule / Test Procedures for Terrestrial Radio Communication & Satellite communication equipment.
  • Testing / Evaluation and Field Trials of Radio and Satellite communication equipment to be introduced in Indian Telecom Network.
  • Electromagnetic Interference & Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMI/EMC)Standard
  • Radio wave propagation Studies.
  • Chairman of the National Working Group corresponding to ITU-T SG-5: Electromagnetic & Climate Change.
  • Participation in National Working Group corresponding to ITU-R SG-5: Terrestrial Services
  • Technical support to DoT for new satellite based services.
  • Participation in TAG (Technical Advisory Group) of ICC (INSAT Coordination Committee).
  • Participation in APEX Committee meetings for examining proposals for telecom services and broadcasting services on satellite media from regulatory as well technical angle.
  • Participation in WRC Committee’s and APT Forums on frequency co-ordination.
  • Participation in Inter-System Satellite Coordination meetings.
  • Study of Disaster Communication.
  • ISO 9001:2008 for TEC

Director (Radio) : Responsible for overall management and administration of Radio Division.  Main activities include:

  1. Co-ordination and monitoring of technical documents i.e. GR/IR/Standards allocated to ADG (ISO), ADG (Radio) and ADG (Sat).
  2. Electromagnetic Field Measurement Test Procedure and Pilot Trial of National EMF Portal.
  3. National Working Group NWG-5: Terrestrial Radio corresponding to ITU-R SG-5
  4. National Working Group NWG-5: Environment and Climate Change corresponding to ITU-T SG5.
  5. Management Representative under ISO 9001 :2008
  6. CPIO under RTI Act

Director (Radio-II) : Responsible for management, co-ordination for the various holding meetings with Manufacturers Forum and Sub-DCC for GR/IR/Standards on the work areas allocated to ADET (R).

 ADG (ISO) responsible for

  • Implementation of ISO 9001, co-ordination of Internal Audit e,
  • Tender for procurement of EMF Radiation Test Sets.
  • Scrapping of unserviceable Radio Equipment.
  • Process cases of PMRTS/CMRTS received from DoT.
  • Matters relating to guidelines for mandatory testing of Telecom Equipments.
  • Miscellaneous and co-ordination with other divisions of TEC.
  • Processing of application seeking information under RTI Act, 2005.

ADG (R-I)  is Officer-in-charge for SAR Laboratory & Testing of Mobile Handsets.

He is responsible for technical specifications including existing GR/IR/Standards/TSTP relating to SAR Measurement, EMC/EMI, M/W Antennae, Towers & Masts, Equipment Shelter, Environmental Testing etc. Update on standard and Testing Procedure for Specific Absorption Rate for Mobile Phones & Wireless Devices.  He will also deal with the matters relating to Disaster Management and interaction with external agencies such as BIS etc.

ADG (Sat.) is responsible for technical specifications including existing GR/IR/Standards/TSTP relating to LNBC, SSPA, RFT, IF Combiner/Divider, Digital M/W Equipments & Waveguide.

He is also responsible for compilation of monthly/ quarterly reports and Activity Summary of Radio Division.

ADET (R) is responsible for preparation of technical specifications, GR/IR/ TSTP on Radio Access System, Wi-Fi technology, Satellite WAN Optimizer, Satellite E/S Antenna, SCPC/MCPC, IDR, DCME, DSPT etc. ADET (R) also examine cases related to TAG, APEX Committee and technical examination of VSAT proposals. Study Papers on the advancement in the field of Wireless, Terrestrial Radio and Satellite technology.