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Power & Duties of RTEC (ER)

Functions of RTEC, Kolkata

RTEC Kolkata is responsible for activities related to evaluation and testing for certification of telecom products / equipments against GR/IR etc. of TEC. RTEC Kolkata is headed by a Deputy Director General and assisted by a Director. An Applicant is required to approach the respective RTEC within whose jurisdiction its manufacturing plant is situated. In the case of traders/dealers/local office of foreign telecom equipment, it may approach the RTEC within whose jurisdiction its head office is located. The jurisdiction of RTEC, Kolkata extends over West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Andaman& Nicobar.


  • Registration of application for Certification & Approval of Telecom Products against GR/IR of TEC/ Applicant’s own specifications.
  • Carrying out Testing of Telecom Products/ services against the specifications.
  • Collection of feedback on various products, specifications from the vendor community including manufacturers and traders, for necessary examination and action.
  • Technical support to TEC HQ in matters relating to telecom testing & certification policies.
  • Sale of GR/IR documents.

Duties and Responsibilities

Sl No. Designation Duties and Responsibilities
  1. General administration of RTEC, Kolkata.
  2. Preparation of Implementation plan for testing and certification
  3. Timely Completion of all activities assigned to RTEC, Kolkata
  4. Testing and Evaluation of telecom products in eastern region
  5. Implementation of Annual Action Plan.
  6. Contribution of Core Group activity as per the requirements and based on the latest technological trends of both National & international interest.
2. Director RTEC, Kolkata
  1. Works as DDO of RTEC Kolkata.
  2. Evaluation of Telecom products.
  3. General Administration & Staff Welfare of the regional unit of TEC (ER)
  4. Inventory management & all the operations of RTEC.
  5. In charge of Civil & Electrical works at RTEC.
  6. Co- ordinate with W.B Telecom Circle and Calcutta Telephones District for the RTEC requirements including space, staff amenities, building etc.
  7. Overall in charge of administrative activities as per the requirement.
  8. Interact with approval certificate holders/Manufacturers/Traders etc.well in advance of expiry of approvals for obtaining renewals.
  9. Collection of database of Telecom Eqpts. Manufacturers/Traders and marketing for obtaining approval cases. To maintain cordial relationship with the customer.
  10. Vendor’s discussions for improvement of certifications of Telecom Products.
  11. Contribution of Core Group activity as per the requirements and based on the latest technological trends of both National & international interest.