Radio (R)

Focus Area

 The Radio division deals with standardizations related to the following:

  • Microwave Equipments.
  • Antennas, Feeder Cables & Wave guides.
  • Measuring Instruments.
  • EMC standards.
  • Towers & Mast.
  • Earth Station Antennas and its sub systems operating in C and Ku band.
  • Solid State Power Amplifiers (1+1) systems in C and Ku band of different capacities.
  • Satellite RF Transceivers
  • Low Noise Amplifiers Sub System operating in C & Ku band
  • Intermediate Data Rate (IDR) Equipment operating in C and Ku band
  • Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment (DCME)
  • Digital Satellite Phone System
  • Long Distance Satellite Telephone (LDST)
  • Multi Channel Per Carrier Very Small Aperture Terminal (MCPC VSAT)
  • IF combiner/divider RF power divider and combiner
  • Wave Guide for inter facility uplink and downlink in C and Ku band
  • Feeder Cable for inter facility uplink and downlink in C and Ku band
  • Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA)
  • Tower Mount Amplifier
  • Portable Satellite Terminal
Contribution on spectrum management for ITU-R and WPC
  • Input papers for ITU-R Study Group-4: Satellite Services and Study Group-5: Terrestrial Services.
  • Participation in NPC meeting for WRC-2015
  • Input papers for review of national frequency allocation plan (NFAP) of WPC
National Plans
  • Standard Operating Procedure for co-ordination for Telecom Support during Natural Disaster
  • High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS)
Other important activities
  • Installed audit and management review for ISO 9001:2008
  • Convening the meetings of committee for implementation of mandatory testing of telecom equipment in India
  • Organising meeting of NWG under ITU-T SG5: Environment and Climate Change
  • Organising meeting of NWG under ITU-R SG5: Terrestrial Services
  • Participation in NWG under ITU-T SG4: Satellite
  • Participation in NDMA meetings
  • Participation in TAG and APEX committee on Satellite Communications


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