Regional Coordination (RC)

Activity Summary: Regional Co-ordination Division is responsible for coordination between RTECs and divisions of TEC HQ, issue of various Approval Certificates, maintaining database of issued certificates,verification of documents viz GR/IR/SD/SR & TSTPs, maintenance of repository of TEC documents viz GR/IR/SD/SR & TSTPs etc.

Focus Area:
 Co-ordination of activities related to testing & certification of telecom products of the RTECs and their interaction with the divisions of TEC, HQ.
 Administration of Type Approval/ Interface Approval process.
 Issue of various approval certificates viz Interface/Type/Technology/Certificate of Approval.
 Verification of documents viz GR/IR/SD/SR & TSTPs sent by the divisions wrt its standardization across divisions before its issue/release.
 Modification/Update of certification procedure and other voluntary certification related
 Issue of clarification to various approvals and maintenance of repository of TEC documents.

Contact details:

Name and Designation                                     Contact Details

Sh. Sharad Trivedi, Deputy Director                 Tel:-011-23731828
General (RC)                                                     email id :
Sh. P. K. Misra, Director (TA&RC)                   Tel:- 011-23327788                                                
                                                                         email id :
Sh. Deepak Mishra AD (RC)                           Tel:- 011-23737409
                                                                        email id :
Ms. Jyoti Sengar, JTO (TA)                             Tel:- 011-23713372
                                                                        email id :