Internet of Things (IoT)

About IoT Division

New division with the name of Services & Development (S&D) was created in July 2013. It started working on Machine to Machine Communication (M2M) and released nine Technical Reports in this domain in year 2015. It was later re-named as Internet of Things (IoT) division in December 2015.


  1. An overview of Machine to Machine communication (M2M) / Internet of Things( IoT).


  1. Functions:
  • Study of Machine to Machine (M2M) communications / Internet of Things (IoT) to finalize specifications for Indian ecosystem in sync with global SDOs.
  • Framing GR / IR/ ER for the devices related to M2M / IoT domain.
  • Providing technical / policy inputs to DoT, BIS, TSDSI,  NITI  Aayog and MoHUA on M2M / IoT and 5G related issues
  • Preparing Technical Papers.


  1. Focus Areas:


  1. M2M Working Groups


  1. Achievements :



  1. National Telecom M2M Roadmap, released by DoT in May-2015 (click here).


  1. TRAI Recommendations on “Spectrum, Roaming and QoS related requirements in M2M communication” (click here).