Smart Network (SN)

I. Work Responsibilities:

1) Formulation of Generic Requirements (GR)/ Essential Requirements (ER)/ Interface requirements (IR)/ Test schedule and Test procedure (TSTP) in respect of Machine-to-Machine (M2M)/Internet of Things (IoT) in verticals of Automotive, Health, Security, Smart Environment and Pollution, Smart Governance/ Network. 

2) Formulation of Institutional Framework/ Mechanism for establishment of M2M National Trust Centre (NTC). 

3) Conducting/ Contributing in various Development Coordination Committees (DCCs), DCC Sub-committees and coordinating MATCOF/ Stakeholders meetings

4) Preparation and presentation of Study Paper/ White Paper/ Guidelines 


II. Other Activities:

   1) Understanding the requirements of industries of various verticals namely Automotive, Health, Security, Smart Environment and Pollution, Smart  Governance/ Network for preparing ERs and bringing out Technical Reports.

   2) To keep pace with standardisation works being carried out in ITU-T and other standardisation bodies.

   3) Provide inputs for Annual Action Plan, ISO 9001-2015 Audit, MIS Reports, RTI, PG/ Court cases, Budget/ Audit, Minister/ VIP cases, Parliament Questions/ Committees etc.