I. Work Responsibilities:

1) Standardization Division is responsible for coordinating cross sector standardization activities, apart from the usual standardization and pre-standardization work of the telecom and related Information and Communication Technology sector. Standardization Division also coordinates membership proposals of TEC for various National and International Standardization Bodies. It is the nodal point in TEC for coordinating with other standardization bodies like Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), TSDSI etc. and other external Ministries/ departments. Standardization division is also nodal point for activities related to public procurement preference to Make in India (PPP-MII) policy in telecom sector.

II. Other Activities:

  1) Formulation of policy for ratification/adoption of TSDSI and other International standards into National Standards.

  2) Setting up of National Accreditation Board of Information and Communication Technology (NABICT).

  3) Membership of National and International Standardization bodies like ETSI/IEC /IEEE/IETF /One M2M / TMF Forum etc.

  4) Signing of adoption agreement with IEEE for adoption of IEEE standards as National Standards.

  5)  Coordinating implementation activities of Public Procurement Preference to Make in India (PPP-MII) policy in telecom sector

 6) Policy for Cross Sector Standardization and coordination activities thereof.

 7) Contribution and participation in the ITU-T Study Group meetings.

 8) Coordination of all National Working Groups (NWGs) in TEC analogous to ITU-T Study Groups (SGs).

 9) Compilation and monitoring of Annual Action Plan (AAP) of TEC.

 10) Coordinating activities between TEC and IEEE-SA Board (SASB) under Government Engagement Program on Standards (GEPS) including General MOU Cooperation between TEC and IEEE.

11) Coordination with OCEANIS (Open Community for Ethics in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems) on behalf of TEC (a founding Member).

 12) Adoption of TSDSI Standards transposed for oneM2M/3GPP/CPRI etc. standards as national standards.

13) Coordination of activities for organization of World Telecom Standardization Assembly (WTSA) 2020 including participation in working groups of Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) for WTSA 2020.

14) Monitor inter-department and inter-division coordination.

15) Overall responsibility of documentation, document management & document control.

16) Head of Standards repository