Next Generation Switching (NGS)


Next Generation Switching division of TEC is responsible for preparation of documents on standardization and other activities related to TDM & NGN based switching technologies.

Products & Services:

  1. TDM & NGN based Switching Networks & devices
  2. Media Gateways
  3. PABXs (TDM and IP based)
  4. ISDN devices
  5. Services to end user
  6. Session Border Controllers
  7. Signalling Transfer Points
  8. SIP  terminals
  9. Network Interfaces (2MB & STM)


Focus Areas:

  1. TDM based Switching Networks
  2. Media Gateways
  3. Next Generation Networks (NGN) & devices
  4. PABXs (TDM and IP based)
  5. Centralized Monitoring System
  6. PSTN Lawful interception
  7. Routing and Signalling Plans


Current Activities:

  1. Coordination for TEC activities related to ITU-T SG.11
  2. Issue of new GR/IR/SR/SD/ER as per annual action plan
  3. Revision of GR/IR/SR/SD/ER as per annual action plan
  4. Editing and publication of quarterly TEC Newsletter
  5. Technical support to Headquarter
  6. Work related to Rajbhasha Hindi


Contact details: For further information, please contact

R L Bharti                 DDG (NGS)  

Brjesh Kumar           Director (NGS)

Rajesh Tripathi         ADG (NGS)  

Harsh Sharma           ADG (NGS)

Amardeep                  JTO (NGS)