Transmission (T)

I. Work Responsibilities:

1) Transmission (Tx)Division is responsible for framing the Generic Requirements (GR)/ Interface Requirements (IR)/ Service Requirements (SR)/ S400tandards (SD)/ Essential Requirements (ER) and associated Test Schedule and Testing Procedures (TSTP) for the following:

    (i) Optical Transmission system: OTN, DWDM, SDH, DXC, Multiplexers.

    (ii) Optical Transmission medium: Optical fibre cables (Metal free &Armoured) for Underground Duct Applications, Overhead Aerial Applications, FTTH Applications          and Power Line Applications.

   (iii) Test & Measurement instruments (Optical Instruments): OTDR, Splicing Machine (Ribbon andNon-Ribbon) and its Accessories, Optical Power Meter & Light                   Source and Optical Attenuator, Optical Spectrum Analyser, Optical Dispersion Analyser, Remote Fibre Monitoring System.

   (iv) Optical Fibre Cable Accessories: Fibre Distribution Management System (Ribbon & Non-Ribbon), Optical Splice Closure (Ribbon and Non-Ribbon), Optical Fibre           Jumpers, Fibre Termination and Distribution Box for FTTH applications, Installation Accessories for Aerial cables and Installation Tools, Raw Material for                        manufacturing Optical fibre cable.

   (v) Test and Measurement instruments (For Optical System): SDH Analyser, WDM Analyser, OTN Analyser, Ethernet Traffic Analyser.

2) Co-ordination with national and international standardization bodies, CABs on related matters.

3) Preparation of contributions through NWG-15 and participation in the International Telecommunication Union Study Group 15 for standardization of telecom network  related to home, access and transport.


II. Other Activities:

1)      Technical support to DoT and other Govt Departments, and attending meetings with other Departments/Organisation

 2)      Providing technical inputs to RTECs regarding testing/Type Approvals/COA of various Optical Transmission products applied by manufacturers and processing the cases for approval.

3)      Site Visits and assessment of testing facilities of labs for CAB designation

4)      Technical Assessment of Test Reports for certification under MTCTE Scheme and Voluntary Testing

5)      Conversion of GR/IR into Standards

6)      Giving technical inputs to other Divisions regarding Optical Transmission products.

7)      DDG (Tx) is the Chairman of the BIS LITD-11 committee. Tx Division participates in meetings and provides inputs to BIS.

8)      Co-ordination for National/ Regional conferences/ seminars, Stakeholders awareness & outreach programs.