Transmission (T)

Transmission (T)

Transmission Division is responsible for formulation of Generic and Interface Requirements, certification and other activities, in the areas of optical transport and optical fibre cables etc.
Focus Areas: –

  • Optical Fibre Cable
  1. Optical fibre cables (Metal-free and Armoured).
  1. Aerial optical fibre cable (Metal-free and Armoured).
  2. High-count ribbon optical fibre cable (Metal-free and Armoured).
  3. Non-zero dispersion shifted optical fibre cable (Metal-free and Armoured).
  4. Optical fibre cables for FTTx.
  5. Raw materials used in the manufacturing of optical fibre cables Optical fibre Distribution and Management Systems for Ribbon and Non-Ribbon types of cables.
  6. Optical fibre cable accessories, viz., Optical Fibre Splice Closure, Termination Box, Fibre Distribution Frame, Optical Fibre Jumpers, Installation accessories for aerial optical fibre cable, Installation Tools.


  • Transport Equipment
  1. 2 Mbps Primary Mux.
  2. SDH family – STM-1/4/16/64.
  3. Cross-connect equipment family – 64 Kb/s, 4/3/1 SDH based, 4/4 SDH based
  4. 40 channel/80 channel DWDM long-haul/very long-haul system up to 100 Gbps,
  5. Multi Service OTN system
  6. Transmission synchronisation equipment.
  7. Ethernet Traffic Analyser, Wavelength Division Multiplexing Analyser, Optical Transport Network Analyser.
  8. Test and Measuring Instruments.



  1. Technology approval to C-DoT for transmission products
  2. Planning and Maintenance Guidelines for Optical Transport Systems.
  3. Furnishing technical inputs to various other departments and organisations, viz., DoT, BSNL, MTNL, C-DoT, TRAI, and carrying out technical interactions with ITU, APT, TRAI, TDSAT, DST, DSIR, DIT, TDB, NDMA, BIS and Other Telecom Stakeholders.