Next Generation Switching (NGS)

Next Generation Switching (NGS)

Next Generation Switching (NGS)

Work Responsibilities

1. Next Generation Switching (NGS) Division is responsible for framing the Generic Requirements (GR) / Interface Requirements (IR) / Service Requirements (SR) / Standards (SD )/ Essential Requirements (ER) and associated Test Schedule & Testing Procedures (TSTP) for TDM based Switching Networks, Media Gateways, Next Generation Networks (NGN) & devices, PABXs (TDM and IP based), ISDN devices , Session Border Controllers, Signaling Transfer Points, SIP terminals, Network Interfaces (2MB & STM), PSTN Lawful interception & monitoring System, Routing and Signaling Plans.

Other Activities

1. Coordination for TEC activities related to ITU-T SG.11.

2. Conversion of existing TEC specifications into Standards.

3. Editing and publication of quarterly TEC Newsletter.

4. Technical support to Headquarter.

5. Works related to Rajbhasha Hindi.