National Working Groups

National Working Groups

National Working Groups

National Working Groups (NWGs) have been constituted in TEC that are conterminous with ITU-T’s Study Group (SG). Each NWG has been constituted in TEC under the chairmanship of Sr. DDG/DDGs with members as the stakeholders from Industry, academia, government, research organizations etc. The objective of the NWGs is to contribute to ITU activities keeping in view the interest of Indian Telecom Sector. The NWGs builds consensus and harmonize the interests of various stakeholders and proactively make necessary contributions for the study group of ITU. NWGs have been constituted with the participation of all the stakeholders like service providers, manufacturers associations, other sectoral members, academia in addition to the members of TEC, DOT, CDOT, Govt. PSUs etc. NWGs are corresponding with the study groups of ITU-T for uniform working. The NWGs are constituted for four years.

The NWGs consists of management group and members. And, Working Parties (WPs) are formed based on specific needs of the NWGs. Management Group (MG) consists of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson and one convenor for coordination of the NWG activities. The Management Group manages, monitors and drives the NWG. The main functions of the Management Group are as given below: -

1. Prepare action plan with milestone for the NWG.

2. Prepare the methodology for the performance measurement/ assessment of the NWG.

3. Distribute the activities among the NWG members.

4. Constitute the working parties and other structures.

5. Call the monthly meetings and issue minutes of the meetings.

6. Quarterly reports to senior management.

7. Guide and cause contributions of the individual members/ groups and ensure contributions are submitted in a given timeframe to ITU

8. Review the contributions of NWG

The chairmen of the present NWGs in TEC are as given below: -

S.No. Name of the NWG Corresponding Study Group Activities Chairman
1 NWG 5 ITU-T SG 5 Environment, Climate Change and circular economy DDG (R)
2 NWG 9 ITU-T SG 9 Broadband cable and TV DDG (IT)
3 NWG 11 ITU-T SG 11 Signalling requirements, Protocols, test Specifications and Combating counterfeit products DDG (NGS)
4 NWG 12 ITU-T SG 12 Performance, QoS and QoE DDG (FN)
5 NWG 13 ITU-T SG 13 Future newtorks with Focus on IMT-2020 cloud computing and trusted network infrastructures Sr. DDG TEC
6 NWG 15 ITU-T SG 15 Transport, Access and Home DDG (Tx)
7 NWG 16 ITU-T SG 16 Multimedia DDG (FN)
8 NWG 17 ITU-T SG 17 Security DDG (TS)
9 NWG 20 ITU-T SG 20 Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities and communities (SC&C) DDG (IOT)