Transmission (TX)

Transmission (TX)

Transmission (TX)

Work Responsibilities

1. Transmission (Tx)Division is responsible for framing the Generic Requirements (GR)/ Interface Requirements (IR)/ Service Requirements (SR)/ S400tandards (SD)/ Essential Requirements (ER) and associated Test Schedule and Testing Procedures (TSTP) for the following:

  • Optical Transmission system: OTN, DWDM, SDH, DXC, Multiplexers.
  • Optical Transmission medium: Optical fibre cables (Metal free &Armoured) for Underground Duct Applications, Overhead Aerial Applications, FTTH Applications and Power Line Applications.
  • Test & Measurement instruments (Optical Instruments): OTDR, Splicing Machine (Ribbon andNon-Ribbon) and its Accessories, Optical Power Meter & Light Source and Optical Attenuator, Optical Spectrum Analyser, Optical Dispersion Analyser, Remote Fibre Monitoring System.
  • Optical Fibre Cable Accessories: Fibre Distribution Management System (Ribbon & Non-Ribbon), Optical Splice Closure (Ribbon and Non-Ribbon), Optical Fibre Jumpers, Fibre Termination and Distribution Box for FTTH applications, Installation Accessories for Aerial cables and Installation Tools, Raw Material for manufacturing Optical fibre cable.
  • Test and Measurement instruments (For Optical System): SDH Analyser, WDM Analyser, OTN Analyser, Ethernet Traffic Analyser.

2. Co-ordination with national and international standardization bodies, CABs on related matters.

3. Preparation of contributions through NWG-15 and participation in the International Telecommunication Union Study Group 15 for standardization of telecom network related to home, access and transport.

Other Activities

  • Technical support to DoT and other Govt Departments, and attending meetings with other Departments/Organisation.
  • Providing technical inputs to RTECs regarding testing/Type Approvals/COA of various Optical Transmission products applied by manufacturers and processing the cases for approval.
  • Site Visits and assessment of testing facilities of labs for CAB designation.
  • Technical Assessment of Test Reports for certification under MTCTE Scheme and Voluntary Testing.
  • Conversion of GR/IR into Standards.
  • Giving technical inputs to other Divisions regarding Optical Transmission products.
  • DDG (Tx) is the Chairman of the BIS LITD-11 committee. Tx Division participates in meetings and provides inputs to BIS.
  • Co-ordination for National/ Regional conferences/ seminars, Stakeholders awareness & outreach programs.